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tucsonAccess Tucson · Non-profit, membership based organization for the management of public access TV.  On three channels on the Cox Cablevsion system in Tucson. Two all day and one carries Access Tucson programs from 6 pm to midnight every day, and Tucson Fire and Police (TFP) information at all other times.

tucsonChannel 12 · The government access channel on the Cox Cable system. Award-winning shows that take you behind the scenes of community issues, government decision-making, and City services and projects. No other channel in Tucson provides professionally produced one-of-a-kind programs that highlight the people and the places that shape our city and stir our imagination. (That's what they say.  I would not know as we do not have cable here and have a satellite dish. Should the Dish Network and DirecTV provide this for us too?)

tucsonCox Media · Cable service. Biggest cable provider.

tucsonKGUN · ABC 9 (also at 16)

tucsonKHRR · Telemundo 40

tucsonKMSB · FOX 11 (also at 23)

tucsonKOLD · CBS 13

tucsonKQBN · Telenoticias 14

tucsonKTTU · UPN 18

tucsonKUAT · PBS 6 (also at 27 as KUAS)

tucsonKUVE · Univision 52

tucsonKVOA · NBC 4 (also at 64) · KVOA-DT (digital service) on UHF Channel 23.

tucsonKWBA · The CW 58

tucson · Bundle the best cable TV, Internet and Phone services at

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