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Insiders Guide to Tucson  

Insiders Guide to Tucson (3rd Edition)
Insiders' Guide to Tucson offers travelers, newcomers, and locals the best, most comprehensive information on what's happening in the area. Known for its great climate and spectacular scenery, Tucson also draws from three cultures - Native American, Spanish, and American - making it a hub of art,... read more

Discovering Tucson  

Discovering Tucson: A Guide to the Old Pueblo . . . and Beyond
A good guide for the out of towner with listings of attractions and restaurants. Maps of different areas are included. read more

El Charro Cafe  

El Charro Cafe: The Tastes and Traditions of Tucson
It may come as something of a shock to fans of El Charro Cafe , Tucson's famous Mexican restaurant, that its origins are more French than Spanish. Monica Flin's parents both came from French stock, but when she opened her restaurant in Tucson in 1922, it was Mexican food she chose to serve her... read more

El Charro Café Cookbook  

El Charro Café Cookbook: Flavors of Tucson from America's Oldest Family-Operated Mexican Restaurant
The colorful history of El Charro Café and the 150 recipes for vibrant, exciting Mexican food make this book as unique and entertaining as the 80-year-old restaurant itself. It is rumored that in the 1940s, founder Monica Flin would sit on the El Charro patio, sipping... read more

Tucson Hiking Guide  

Tucson Hiking Guide (2nd Edition)
Great book listing all the trails and hikes in and around Tucson. We use our copy all the time. read more

Arizona Day Hikes  

Arizona Day Hikes: A Guide to the Best Trails from Tucson to the Grand Canyon
Two books in one, this hiking guide features 100 of Arizona's best hiking trails, and an authoritative guide to the natural history of the Grand Canyon State's landscape. Ganci's knowledge of native species and local conditions, accompanied by 30 line drawings and 15 maps, helps hikers learn to... read more

Day Trips from Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff  

Shifra Stein's Day Trips from Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff: Getaways Less Than Two Hours Away (7th Edition)
Enjoy a welcome change of pace and discover a world you may not know exists in your own backyard. Day Trips describes hundreds of fascinating, exciting (and many free of charge) things to do, most within a two-hour drive of Phoenix, Tucson, or Flagstaff. Tour the Colorado River on the Dixie Bell, a... read more

Tucson to Tombstone  

Tucson to Tombstone: A Guide to Southeastern Arizona
Avid explorer Tom Dollar guides you through southeastern Arizona's scenic and recreational attractions showing you all that there is to see and do. read more

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum  

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum: A Scrapbook
This visually-exciting book, written by someone who lived and worked at the Museum during its first two decades, is anything but a dry collection of historical facts. It recounts, in lively prose and vivid photography, 50 years of the personalities (both human and animal), exhibits and events that have made the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum an internationally-recognized, and much-loved, institution. read more

Desert Dogs  

Desert Dogs: Coyotes, Foxes & Wolves of the Sonoran Desert
Adds dimension to sketchy and often misunderstood portrayals of four species of wild dogs that inhabit the deserts of the Southwest: the kit fox, the coyote, the gray fox and the endangered Mexican wolf. Illustrated with 24 full-color photographs, this book is an excellent resource for readers unfamiliar with desert life and anyone who seeks a better understanding of the canines that inhabit our neighboring desert, urban alleyways and suburban backyards. read more

Portrait of a Desert Pueblo  

Tucson: Portrait of a Desert Pueblo
An historical portrait of the Old Pueblo. read more

A Guide to Tucson Architecture  

A Guide to Tucson Architecture
Tucson is a city rich in architectural heritage spanning three cultures, with a history of human settlement that makes it one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the United States. Hispanic barrios, American architectural forms, and remnants of a prehistoric Native American past give... read more



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