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saguaroThis is to explain the purpose and activities of the Gates Pass Area Neighborhood Association. We hope that after reading about our group you will be interested in joining us and helping to achieve good things for the eastern Tucson Mountains.

OUR GOALS are several: to preserve the natural history and quality of life in our area. We hope to discourage crime, to clean up trash, report violations of zoning or other laws. But our chief focus is to oppose by legal means all commercial development in our area, and to resist rezonings that would increase residential densities. We keep careful watch on our neighborhood to make sure that County codes are not flagrantly violated.

OUR AREA OF INTEREST includes all areas of the Tucson Mountains as well as other natural preserves in the Tucson area. But our greatest focus is the eastern slopes of the Tucson Mountains. from the east end of the David Yetman Trail north to Ironwood Hills Drive.

WE DIFFER FROM the Tucson Mountain Association (TMA) in bringing particular emphasis to the region described above. Our purposes are similar, and many of our members are also members of the TMA. However, we have found that we are more effective in our area because are more familiar with, and passionate about, our immediate surroundings.

WE ARE NOT a home owners' association. Home owners associations typically have obligatory membership for all persons buying in a development, and have detailed rules regarding house colors, parking, and TV antennas, which are enforceable by fines paid to the association. We do not wish to enforce such rules, though we do believe that county ordinances should be followed.

OUR OTHER ACTIVITIES: Most of our time and energy goes into the density control and conservation activities mentioned above. However, it is important that we remain a cohesive organization, and we organize non-political programs for our members, such as informal talks on aspects of local natural history, as well as an annual party. We also have "adopted" about two miles of Pima County Roadways, which we clean up several times each year.

SUCCESSES SO FAR: Under a previous name our members defeated construction of apartments on the ridge north of Trails End Road; we joined with TMA in defeating a proposed Quik-Mart on W. Speedway; we fought increased rezoning to one house per acre on 300 acres south of Tr. End Rd., and later raised criticisms of a different development on this property that resulted in the County buying half of it for Tucson Mountain Park.

We are in the process of protesting commercial development on approx. 32 acres at the intersection of Camino de Oeste and Gates Pass Road, arguing instead that this property should be developed only as low density ("SR") residential housing.

We hope to defeat the request for a rezoning of a 20-acre property in the same area for development of a 160-unit business resort. And we will oppose the plan to build houses on the upper slopes of Twin Hills.

If your interests in preservation of the desert correspond with ours, we invite you to join our association, whether you live within, or outside of, our area of primary interest. Your support, in form of dues of $20.00 per calendar year, time ,and ideas would be most welcome.

We emphasize that a small number of people can accomplish most of the duties, but our presentations to the Board of Supervisors or other County offices carry little weight unless we legitimately speak for a sizable group of people.

Your membership will assist in covering costs of duplication, mailings, poster boards for presentations to the Supervisors or other County committees. You will receive our irregular newsletter that reports news on development issues in our region. And you will be invited to appear occasionally before the Supervisors in support of our efforts to keep development densities as low as possible.

saguaro QUESTIONS? Contact one of the following members of our Board of Directors via e-mail at

Gates Pass Area Neighborhood Association
P.O. Box 87554
Tucson, AZ 85754-7554

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